Transylvania’s Mentoring program

Already thinking about your life after college? So are we.

That’s why we’ve created 100 Doors to Success, a mentoring program to help you transition from college to the workplace.

At Transylvania, we want to help you identify your passion—your true vocation—and translate your love of the liberal arts into your future career.

While other universities may have mentoring programs, most are geared toward a specific group of students. Our program is open to all students, no matter their class year or career interests.

There is no "bulk matching". Each student and mentor are individually matched by the program director, specifically based on their interests and needs.

Student Comments

See what our students have to say about their mentors...

“Jenny has helped me in so many ways. I appreciate all that she has done for me from internship help, to job search, to everyday life advice. Jenny has been so open to answering any questions I have about the workforce and real life. I am thankful to have the opportunity to be mentored by an amazing individual. Thank you for being someone for me to look up to!”

Courtney Pontious ’22

mentored by Jenny Doom ’12

“My mentor has helped me by having another person to run ideas by. I have discussed my future plans with her and she has given me feedback on the steps I should take to get there. She also has affirmed that I have already made progress and taken solid steps to my future. She is helping me find volunteer opportunities and laboratory work to further my education.”

Justin Hudnall ’22

mentored by Ashley Montgomery‑Yates ’97

Thomas, thank you for being someone for me to look up to and being someone I can always seek guidance from! It is awesome that I am able to look up to you as someone that is pursuing the same field that I would like to pursue one day! I appreciate all of the help, guidance, and support that you have given to me!

Will Darnell ’24

mentored by Thomas Amburn ’15

Ashley Coons has made my first year at Transy relaxing and whenever we meet up I always feel comfortable to be myself around her. I appreciate Ashley because she listens to my goals and hopes for the future and helps me achieve them by introducing me to people who can relate to them

Alaysia Godfrey ’24

mentored by Ashley Coons ’09

I am really grateful for my mentor, Tyler Murphy, and how open he is about his experiences whenever we get together and talk. He is willing to give advice, share personal stories, and is always encouraging of me to keep going in the Education field. Beyond this, he is also a great role model as I am able to watch him work for what he believes in during the Fayette County School Board meetings, ensuring the best for FCPS students, faculty and staff. As I continue into finishing my major and spending more time in K-5 classrooms, I know that he is available to give me advice and is a listening ear if I need one.

Ryan Wood ’22

mentored by Tyler Murphy ’10

My mentor, Rosilyn, has been such a blessing these past few years. She has helped me see deeper into the horse world and has provided me opportunities I didn't think I would ever have. She’s very knowledgeable and has been so kind to share that with me and another mentee. I’m very thankful for her and the time she has taken to pour into us.

Ashley Duke ’21

mentored by Rosilyn Polan

I appreciate my mentor because he is willing to help with whatever I need. We have talked about planning my classes, a possible career path, and getting an internship later in my college career. I am so glad to have someone to guide me through my time at Transy.

Megan Mattingly ’24

mentored by John Coyle ’10

I appreciate Mr. Bickel for being a good source of information in determining the path I want to pursue. He is very open to different paths of study and offers professional insight for each.

TJ Keck ’22

mentored by Tim Bickel ’18

My mentor Thomas is really helpful when it comes to pointing me to the right direction. Something that he has said in our meeting, which really has helped me through this tough semester, is that it’s not all about the grade, it’s about enjoying the experience and loving the process of learning.

Kopila Rai ’24

mentored by Thomas Amburn ’15

“I appreciate my mentor because she’s a fantastic role model. Her successes motivate me to pursue what I’m passionate about. Thank you!

Valerie Roberts ’23

mentored by Chloe Hunt ’18

I’ve had the joy of having Bill Watson ’64 as my mentor for the last three and a half years. He quickly became my shoulder to lean on and person whose smile changes my day. He gave me a sense of family here at Transylvania and now has formed a close relationship with my family back home. He has coached me through chemistry (twice), calms my post-grad nerves (weekly) and even served as a part time wedding planner (all last semester). I speak on behalf of myself, my family and everyone who has ever encountered him: We love him and are better people because of him

Terralyn Smith ’20

mentored by Bill Watson64

I am very thankful for the mentor that the 100 Doors program paired me with. Having someone that graduated from Transy, and is working in the field I hope to being, provides me with a great resource as I continue my academic journey. Not only does my mentor offer great advice, but she is also an encouraging reminder that my goals are attainable. I will always be grateful for the relationship I have built with my mentor, Janey Watts. It is much appreciated that she takes the time out of her busy schedule to be someone that I can always turn to.

Paige Lemaster ’22

mentored by Janey Watts04