Role of the Mentor

As a mentor, you will invest your time, energy and expertise to nurture the growth of another person.  Mentoring a student is a valuable way to stay connected with the Transylvania community and also have a meaningful impact on the next generation of Pioneers.  

Who is eligible to be a mentor? 

We invite Transylvania alumni, board members, parents (of grads and current students), community members, and friends to participate. We want our students to be exposed to a variety of experiences and to interact with mentors with varying levels of professional and personal experience. 

What’s the time commitment?  

Throughout the mentoring term, we ask that you meet with your mentee at least once a month.

What if I live out of town? 

Today's technology makes is much easier to mentor from a distance. Mentors and students can meet virtually and can stay in touch by email, text, IM, zoom, google meet, phone, and other ways.